How Food Processors Benefit from Using ISO 21469 Certified Lubricants

Products and packaging in the food industry may come in contact with the lubricants used in machinery. This creates several concerns:

  1. If the lubricant comes in contact with the product, are the lubricant’s ingredients safe?
  2. Are the lubricant’s product labels true and accurate?
  3. Did the lubricant manufacturer identify and evaluate relevant hazards associated with the use of the lubricant?
  4. Were quality procedures and good manufacturing practices followed in facility audits and analytical testing to verify the integrity of the lubricant’s composition?

Thanks to the NSF ISO 21469 certification of our facilities in New Hampshire, Texas and our global headquarters in Germany, our customers can feel their concerns are understood and that a higher level of safety is achieved when using lubricants from Klüber Lubrication. Certification from the NSF ensures that our food-grade lubricants are manufactured in a hygienic environment, using both best practices and safe ingredients. In fact, Klüber Lubrication leads the industry with a total of five global locations that are NSF ISO 21469 certified.

Not only are our products being manufactured through a hygienic process that works to avoid risks for contamination, we also offer food processors support on best practices — such as proper storage, handling and application — to further mitigate risks.

Discover more ways food processors benefit from our NSF ISO 21469 plant certification.

Toby Porter

Market Manager, Food and Beverage Industry

Toby Porter joined Klüber Lubrication in 1999, where he worked in a variety of departments before becoming the Food Market Manager in 2012. Toby received his Associates Degree in Applied Business Management from the University of New Hampshire. With his diverse experience and knowledge, Toby is primarily responsible for setting and implementing the food, beverage and pharmaceutical market strategy for Klüber Lubrication in the U.S. and Canada.


Market: Food & Beverage


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