Eco-compatible open gear lubricant for marine applications

May 18, 2016
Londonderry, NH

Klüber Lubrication, a worldwide manufacturer of specialty lubricants, has introduced Klüberbio LG 39-701 N, an eco-compatible operating lubricant for open gear drives used in marine applications.

Klüberbio LG 39-701 N is specifically designed for manufacturers and operators of open gear drives, jack-up lifting systems or other on-board equipment that is frequently in contact with sea water. The lubricant offers excellent adhesion to surfaces, has good low-temperature behavior and enables operation of open drives in areas with very low ambient temperatures, down to minus 30°C. Special additives reduce wear and extend the service life of components. By spraying the lubricant, consumption can be reduced considerably in comparison to traditional application methods.

The high-viscosity base oil of Klüberbio LG 39-701 N comes from 100 percent renewable resources and is easily biodegradable. Klüberbio LG 39-701 N also complies with the requirements of Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) as defined in Appendix A of the 2013 Vessel General Permit (VGP). The grease is primarily designed for the lubrication of open drives, anchor winches, pinions and racks of jack-up systems as well as low-speed plain bearings in AHTS vessels or rudder systems.

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Kluber-Kluberbio-LG-39-701-N (189.38 kB)

Press Release

Market: Marine


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