Food-grade NSF H1-registered lubricants highlighted at International Baking Industry Exposition 2013

September 24, 2013
Londonderry, NH

Klϋber Lubrication, a worldwide manufacturer of specialty lubricants, will display its latest NSF H1-registered lubricants for the food industry at the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) 2013, Oct. 6-9 at the Las
Vegas Convention Center. Klüber will exhibit at booth #2063 and have representatives available to discuss the company’s products, services and expertise with IBIE attendees.

Products from Klüber provide efficient solutions for increasing productivity in extreme applications, such as ovens, freezers and high friction points in conveyors, proofers and palletizers.

Klüber will showcase the following products and services at IBIE:

The ALLPLEX FMG Series of greases are multi-purpose, NSF H1 registered
products for the food processing, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.
ALLPLEX is specifically designed for use in applications where incidental food
contact is possible. The special additive package provides for excellent anti-wear
and extreme pressure protection from corrosion. Equipment in wash-down
environments benefits from the aluminum complex thickener system, which
provides excellent water resistance in addition to a broad temperature range.
ALLPLEX is available in multiple standard packaging options from drums to
cartridges, and can be used as a single point lubricator. Klüber has also included
ALLPLEX with its innovative Klübermatic system, a single point lubricator option
that improves process efficiencies, as well as safety in the workplace.

Klüberfood NH1 CH 2-220 is the premier oil for lubricating high-temperature
chains in both baking and beverage can manufacturing applications. This fully
synthetic, ester-based lubricant can operate at extreme temperatures for longer
periods of time and without residue build-up, all while protecting chain
components from increased wear. Users benefit from dramatically reduced
consumption, cleaner operations, reduced noise and no smoking when applying
oil. The can manufacturing environment presents significant challenges for
proper lubrication of chains, including high temperatures, high and low speeds,
potential ingredient contamination, increased wear and more. Klüberfood NH1
CH 2-220 is an NSF H1-registered lubricant that not only keeps food safe from
incidental contact, but solves each of the aforementioned challenges as well.

Klüberfood NK1 Z 8-001 Spray is a cleaner de-greasing spray for the food processing and pharmaceutical industries. This spray has been formulated to aid in the rapid and thorough removal of oils, greases, waxes and resin residues.

Klüberfood NK1 Z 8-001 Spray is an organic solvent cleaning agent that is
registered NSF K1 and K3, which helps promote safety in non-food processing

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