Klüberfood NH1 4-002 Spray Safely Displaces Water

Klüberfood NH1 4-002 is a food-grade lubricant available in an aerosol spray can. Used as a penetrating oil that also protects metal machine surfaces by displacing water during wash downs, Klüberfood NH1 4-002 uses a special oil formulation that is odor and taste neutral to ensure food quality.


* NSF H1 registration supports food safety and process reliability
* Good penetrating properties and water displacement
* Reduced staining and corrosion achieved by water displacement
* Convenient spray-can application

Get product and application details on how Klüberfood NH1 4-002 spray penetrates and then protects equipment through water displacement.

Read the full product data sheet:
Klüberfood NH1 4-002 Spray (62.33 kB)

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Market: Food & Beverage


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