Quiet bearing noise in automobiles with Klüberquiet BQR 78-102

Reducing bearing noise is important in automotive applications where driver comfort and a quiet ride are competitive advantages. Using lubricants that reduce bearing noise is a challenge, because high-temperature bearings are typically sealed with ACM material. High-temperature ester greases have compatibility issues with ACM material. The solution is to incorporate a new base oil type that can cover high-temperature conditions as well as provide elastomer compatibility.

Klüberquiet BQR 78-102 is a grease developed for bearing applications in which noise is the most important parameter, but also shear stability as well as elastomer compatibility with ACM. Klüberquiet BQR 78-102 contains a unique grease formulation produced in a quality-controlled production process. As a result, the grease allows for low noise performance and extended lifecycle.

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