Running-in and Corrective Lubricants for Girth and Pinion Gear Repairs

The advantage of using the Klüber Lubrication line of service lubricants is that the girth gear drive remains fully operable. Compared to several days of standstill, as in the case of mechanical treatment or gear replacement, repair lubrication only requires short downtimes for control and documentation. In fact, repair lubrication is even more successful with higher loads.

Klüberfluid D-F 1 Ultra contains specially developed compounds that subject the metallic surfaces to chemical and corrosive wear in the contact points. Klüberfluid D-F 1 Ultra is manually applied by a Klüber Lubrication service engineer while the running-in compound, Klüberfluid B-F 2 Ultra, is applied through the lubrication system. Klüberfluid B-F 2 Ultra contains a unique additive package that encourages mixed friction, but prevents surface asperities from welding.

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